14th October 2000
After a long, long time, the web-site has finally been updated. The Mortis Team area is online , and soon the archive will be up with the 3rd and 4th wars added. More will be added very soon, including a new picture section, voting and guestbook.

18th & 19th September 1999
The team attended the two day event at Sevenoaks in Kent. Early on in the day, Mortis was tested with the new tracks. Unfortunatly there was a minor programming error and Mortis suddenly went dead at the beginning of a battle.

  • Self-Righting video clip (thanks to Killerhurtz team)
  • Killerhurtz video clip

    9th September 1999
    Mortis and Killerhurtz have formed the first RW99 tag-team.

  • The Killerhurtz Web-Site

    10th August 1999
    Sponsors Demo Day. The team organised a day where the sponsors could see where their contributions had gone. It was the first time they had tried the new axe, so even Rob Knight couldn't believe how powerful it now was. It was also the first time they properly tested the lifter, which lifted Rob & Arthur with ease.


    5th August 1999

  • House Robots added
  • Most of the site now works in Netscape
  • Main page re-programmed

    2nd July 1999
    University of Cambridge Department of Engineering open day. Mortis had its first test run with the new motors and electronics, which went extremely well. (Mortis was driven almost non-stop for about 4 hours)


    29th June 1999

  • All HTML cleaned
  • Arthur Chilcott Bio added
  • Video Clip music available to download
  • Robot Links added
  • Guestbook error message fixed
  • Dangerous Machines link & voting panel added

    15th May 1999
    The Team Attended a charity fete at St Michaels Primary School in Whitehill, Hampshire. Other teams attended, including Cassius and Panic Attack. Unfortunatly, Mortis was still being developed and was not operational. Rob Knight got a little annoyed with the Plunderbird team for playing their music over and over again.


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